Vajra Dances Practice Week

We invite you to the first Baltic Vajra Dances week under kind guidance of 2nd level VD instructor Alar Kukk (Estonia).

We invite you to the first Baltic Vajra Dances week under kind guidance of 2nd level VD instructor Alar Kukk (Estonia). There is also expected presence of other VD instructors.

Wonderful yoga center ‘IEVLEJAS’ in Northern Latvia, 180km from Riga.

There is possible to practice indoors (in the a hall with 100sqm) as well as outdoors (on the terrace).
There are 4 rooms for staying (6-8 persons in each one), also some places at sauna house. Rooms are not supplied with beddings, unless you have not individual agreement.

See map here:

Tentative schedule (to share your program expectations, please, contact Alar Kukk, [email protected])

Wednesday, 1st May:
– arrival 10-12AM,
– 3 tuns of Vajra Dances.

Thursday-Saturday (2nd-4th May):
– at least 4 tuns of VD per day.

Sunday, 5th May:

– 2 tuns of VD,
– New Moon Ganapuja.

Entrance fee is based on voluntary donations. You would help us to cover property rent expenses with 10-15 eur/per day..

Meals and shopping
You are advised to take with you simple food and to be ready to prepare by yourself. The main meals will be cooked together, so you are invited to share some extra expenses (up to 3 eur/per day).
The nearest shops are available in town RUJIENA just in few kilometers.

Welcome to Latvia!

For any support, please, contact us:
by phone +371 28376622 (ENG, RUS, LAT) – Liga
or by e-mail [email protected]
by phone +371 29553708 (RUS, ENG) – Gala
or by e-mail [email protected]