"Healing with Yantra Yoga" quote

"Healing with Yantra Yoga" book, p.17

We all have a body, energy, and mind, and sooner or later we discover just how much our health and happiness depend on the three working together harmoniously. Practices like yoga have become a part of caring for our health, a part of healing.

"Healing with Yantra Yoga" book, p.17

From Tibetan Medicine to the Subtle Body

Yantra Yoga, originally transmitted in Tibet by Guru Padmasambhava in the eighth century, was first introduced to the West by Dzogchen master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu in the 1970s. Working primarily on the physical and energetic structure of the body, the practice profoundly affects the functions of body, energy, mind, producing benefits that begin with deep relaxation and better health in general and can go all the way to complete realization. Healing with Yantra Yoga aims to convey an understanding of the workings of the specific health benefits of the practice. Following an overview of the basic principles of traditional Tibetan medicine by Phuntsog Wangmo, a Tibetan physician, and Elio Guarisco, a Tibetan translator with extensive experience in the field, this book examines the positive health effects attributed to each of the 108 movements of Yantra Yoga. The final part is dedicated to the chakras and channels of the subtle body as elucidated in Tantra.

author: Elio Guarisco & Phuntsog Wangmo

pages: 244