The Vajra Dance of Space of 12 A is an essential symbolic dance and can be practiced by one or an unlimited number of dancers where a natural space or mandala is imagined. A dance symbolizing the essence of dzogchen teachings with the recognition of our real potentiality as well as the interdependence of inner and outer reality.

The Public

For all practitioners who have received the transmission from Chögyal Namkhai Norbu and wish to study in more depth the Vajra Dance and Dzogchen Teachings.

It is open for everyone from all religious and non-relgious backgrounds who have previously attended and continued to practice The Vajra Dance That Benefits Beings and The Three Vajra Dance.




  • Discover the principle of the integration and presence through movement.
  • Fluidity and harmony in movement.
  • Harmonization of energy through coordination of movement and time. 
  • To discover the difference of the mind and the nature of the mind.
  • Overcoming the obstacles of our 3 existences.
  • Understanding of specific terminology and main mudra.
  • Harmony and basic choreography between dancers.
  • Benefit for the planet earth and benefit for all sentient beings.

You will learn

  • Origin of the Vajra Dance.
  • How to link the Dance of the Space of 12 A with other Vajra Dances.
  • The three considerations for the application of the dance.
  • Meaning of the main mudras.
  • The principle of masculine and feminine, their harmony and coordination.
  • How to develop awareness in movement and singing.
  • Movement linked to the sound for each of the 12 A.
  • The conventional terminology of the basic movements.
  • The rhythm and association of each movement with its syllable.
  • Relative and absolute benefits.


  • 6 hours

    The Vajra Dance of the Dimension of Space 12A (BASIC)

    • Explanation of origin of the Dance.
    • Explanation how to link Dance of the Space of 12A with the other Dances.
    • Explanation of the three considerations.
    • Explanation of the principle of the masculine and feminine, and importance of their harmony. 
    • Explanation of movements linked to the sound of each of the 12A.
    • Learning the conventional terminology of the basic movements.
    • Learning the basic rhythm (association of each movement with its syllable).
    • Learning the meaning of the main mudras.

Main Teachers


Adriana Dal Borgo

Vajra Dance Teacher


Prima Mai

Vajra Dance Teacher

Authorized Instructors