Spiegazione della Canzone e Danza di Dzamling Gar


  • Basic rythms of easy traditional circle dances
  • Harmony and coordination of the body 
  • Meaning of title and contents (hints on tibetan culture)
  • Find a relaxed and joyful state of mind


Adriana Dal Borgo

For more than twenty years I have been teaching contemplative dance and methods of awareness in movement, harmonization of energy, and the practice of presence through sound and dance, giving courses for those who wish to follow this path of knowledge.

Born in Venice, Italy, I graduated in psychology, with specialization in psychotherapy. In 1986 I met the Dzogchen (Atiyoga) teaching of the Master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, from whom I learned the Vajra Dance – a method for integrating meditation and movement – and later on the Khaita Joyful Dances.

In 1992 I was appointed by my Master to teach the Vajra Dance. In 1995 together with Prima Mai I was authorized to coordinate the activities related to this discipline in the different centers of the International Dzogchen Community and to train new instructors, thus becoming one of the two main Vajra Dance teachers. From that time, I’ve held many courses and trained new teachers around the world, helping students to discover the joy and profoundness of the Dance.

Dancer and choreographer, from 2011 I have been also charged with coordinating the Khaita Joyful Dances and training new teachers in this field of study. Read More

Fabio Risolo

è laureato in Lettere e Filosofia a Napoli, ha insegnato a livello universitario ed è attualmente Dirigente scolastico. Autore di saggi di critica letteraria e poeta, Fabio ha incontrato nel 1999 Chögyal Namkhai Norbu. Da diversi anni, su autorizzazione del Maestro, guida principianti con semplici esercizi per fare esperienza della meditazione. Read More


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