Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) become inseparable part of life in modern society and any serious organization.

Information Technology (IT) become inseparted part of life in modern society. Even if in some degree consist the couse of disaperance of ancestral cultures, in same time paradoxally, it can become vehicule for their preservation and difusion.  It's no diferent with Tibetan culture, it brings possibility to reach broad worldwide public, improve management, enable international colaboration on the projects, preserve value information, lower operational costs

Support & Collaboration

We not only support IT internally in ATIF but also give support and for IDC. We are willng to collaborarte with all organizations and institutions pusuing similar goals.

Main Projects

Check here our main projects


Open Source

ATIF is commited to Open Source movement beliving that it's idea embodies, spirit of generosity and colaboration so characteristic in tibetan culture.  Open Source is corner stone of our aproach to software developement and distribution. We welcome everybody to contribute and collaborate to our projects at with hope that that may benefit everybody


We are initiating the broader campaign “Programmers for Tibetan Culture” in which all programmers and institutions which recognize the value of Tibetan culture are welcome to collaborate on related Open Source projects for the benefit of all.

We don't pretend to deliver at the end fully fledged and polished product, but rather a workable prototype for proving given idea.

All projects will be published under Open Source MIT License and can be used freely later by ATIF, IDC or any other organization or person.

We already organized one hackathoon in Merigar at 25 August 2017. Se details at